Harmony Blooming Tea Single

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Specially designed. A tea that blossoms into two unexpected flowers. Harmony blooming teas, made with:

Jasmine + Chrysanthemum + Amaranth + Silver needle white tea, scented with fresh jasmine flower.

Sweet and fresh, like the first days of spring, this tea is light and refreshing. The lively tang of amaranth is tempered by the full, mellow taste of chrysanthemum, leaving a sweetness on the tongue and the light, aroma of jasmine throughout the mouth. This lovely, youthful tea is a garden in a cup.

A note about brewing Harmony:
It takes a little longer than the others to fully realize its beauty, but it’s well worth the wait. The Harmony tea has a life of its own…as the amaranth hesitates midway through its bloom to take in its surroundings. Then, the chrysanthemum springs into life and climbs up to the top to join its fair cousin, triumphant, as though spring had been waiting its arrival.

Each Harmony bloom can make 6 to 8 cups of tea.