Posy Gift Sets

Dream Posy Gift Set

Dream Posy Set features:

1 box of 6 Medley blooming teas
1 24oz (or 700ml) Daydream teapot.
1 Light My Fire tea warmer.

Snatch a moment and make it all yours with this Dream Posy Set. Better still; gift someone this touch of serenity to relish and remember. The six graceful teaposy blossoms are exquisitely handcrafted and offer you a reason to unwind with family and friends. Each flavor unfurls to display a beautiful pattern of flowers and blooms that may be nothing short of poetry. The unique blend is smooth-flavored and mildly fragrant, and the refreshing flavor of each brew almost dances on your palate.

The Light My Fire tea warmer is the right accent to an evening setting. It warms as well as adds light to your peaceful tea experience. The hand blown Daydream teapot comes with a stainless steel loose-leaf tea filter in the spout and holds 24 oz of tea. Experience a tranquil, dreamy moment that stays in your memory with the Dream Posy Set.

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