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The Teaposy trademarks include the TEAPOSY mark as well as well as any logos and designs used by Teaposy, Inc. from time to time to identify its products or services.
You may not use any Teaposy logo without Teaposy, Inc.’s express permission and, in which case, the artwork for the logo must be provided to you by Teaposy, Inc. You may not copy Teaposy artwork from any other source and you may only use a Teaposy logo in the exact form provided to you by Teaposy, Inc. You may only use the Teaposy trademarks to promote Teaposy, Inc. and Teaposy products.
You may not use a Teaposy trademark in violation of trademark laws, including without limitation, the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. §1125 (a)). Such laws, among other things, prohibit your use of a Teaposy trademark in a manner that would cause consumer confusion with regard to the source of your product by falsely implying that your company or any other company, product, or service is sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with Teaposy, Inc. 



All original text, artwork and product related photographs that appear on the web site are copyrighted works owned exclusively by Teaposy, Inc. or its licensors. You may not use, copy, reproduce, alter, modify, publish, display, or distribute any such materials without Teaposy, Inc.’s express written consent.